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The divine world of coconut is pure bliss! .

Organic virgin coconut oil
The finest coconuts handpicked and white flesh extracted for immediate cold pressing to give nutritious and aromatic Organic Virgin Coconut Oil. @earthsfinestme .

Coconut Kefir Milk
Made using traditional age old methods by fermenting organic coconut milk with live, vegan kefir cultures to produce a delicious, rich and creamy kefir brimming with billions of live active cultures. @coyo_organic .

Coconut cream cheese
Kokoโ€™s Creamy dairy free alternative to soft cheese made with coconut and added calcium and vitamins. Fantastic on toast and bagels, in sauces and also a great pizza topping. @kokodairyfree .

Coconut butter
Koko Dairy Free Spread is a 45% spread of which 26% is coconut oil and only half the saturates of butter.

Ceylon Coconut Aminos – Garlic
A delicious vinegary sauce made from the sap of coconut with goodness of Garlic. It is dark, rich, salty and slightly sweet in flavor. An ideal dipping sauce and a condiment. .

Coconut Pureฬe
Amazonia Coconut Superfood Packs allow you to reap the nutritional benefits and enjoy the delicate tropical flavour of coconut, while supporting local communities and organic ecosystems in Vietnam. @amazoniaco .

Ceylon Coconut sugar presents Ceylon Naturals organic coconut sugar, a substitute for refined brown or white sugar. Low glycemic index means heathly option for diabetic, old and children.

My family has always believed in the goodness of Ceylon coconut, and now I bring this tradition of healthy living to you. Kumar Sangakkara.

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