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The ultimate 2021 Review of Xiaomi Redmi 6A

The Xiaomi Redmi 6A is an older model, having been launched in 2018.
The overall quality of this smartphone is average; as it is very affordable, it can be a good choice just to save a little.

Main results

The Xiaomi Redmi 6A arrived on the market with Android 8.1.0. In the meantime it has received updates and Android 9 is now available. Although new versions of Android has been released, this version is still fairly recent.
The 5.5″ screen has an appearance in line with that of its competitors, but it is very quick to react to commands.
One of the weak points of Xiaomi Redmi 6A is the low battery life: in our usage scenario, its 3000 mAh allow it to reach just 21 hours, which is below average.
The 21.4 GB of actual available internal memory (32 GB declared) may be not enough to store our data, but we can use an SD memory card to expand the phone memory.
It suffered some minor damages in the drop test, but passed it well and can therefore be considered quite robust.
Models in this price range are usually not very powerful: this phone performs slightly better but is still not recommended for high performance tasks, such as some video games.
It is a dual SIM model, so it is possible to insert and use two SIMs at the same time.
This model is compatible with 4G connection.

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Xiaomi Redmi 6A has a 13 Mp rear camera, which allows you to get just enough quality photos, unless in low light situations where they are even poor.
This mobile phone has a 5 Mp front camera, which allows you to take poor quality photos, so you can’t get good selfies.

✔️ Pros

  • The screen quality is good
  • It is one of the most affordable models
  • The version of the operating system is quite recent
  • You can insert two SIMs at the same time

❌ Cons

  • Battery life is short
  • It is one of the worst models on the list
  • At the same price there are much better models

All tests results



Rear camera★★★☆☆
Front camera★★☆☆☆
Quality of video footage from rear camera★★★☆☆
Quality of video footage from front camera★★☆☆☆
Audio quality of movies★★☆☆☆


Vision quality★★★☆☆
Touchscreen speed and accuracy★★★★★


Battery consumption★★★☆☆
Battery life (for standard usage scenario)20.5 h
Quick battery charging★★☆☆☆
Extra battery functionality★☆☆☆☆


Processor speed★★★☆☆
Amount of memory available★★★☆☆


Fall resistance★★★★☆
Impermeability to waterNot applicable
Rain resistance★★★★★
Scratch resistance★★★★☆


Audio quality through the speakers★★☆☆☆
Sound quality with high quality headphones★★★★★



Ease of use

Usability of the touchscreen★★★★★
Ease of use of the camera★★★☆☆
Accessibility via facial recognition or fingerprint★☆☆☆☆
Simplicity of settings★★★★☆
Browser convenience★★★★★

Brand reliability

Brand reliability84

Extra Features

Operation on different frequency bands★★★☆☆
Operation on different wifi standards★★☆☆☆
Memory card reader★★★★★
Availability of sensors★★★☆☆
Location accuracy★★★★☆

All technical specs

General specifications

Operating system version testedAndroid 8.1.0
Latest update availableAndroid 9
Google Service available✔️
Diagonal screen size5.5 inch
Internal memory declared32 GB
Memory capacity actually available21.4 GB
Type of memory cardSD
ProcessorQuad-core A53
Processor frequency2 GHz
Number of cores4
RAM memory2 GB

Other specifications

Battery capacity3000 mAh
Replaceable battery
Wireless charging possible
Wireless charger providedNot considered
SAR level declared1.52 Watt per kg
IP certification
Fingerprint reader
FM radio✔️
Stereo speakers


Weight, including SIM and battery147 g
Length147 mm
Width72 mm
Thickness9 mm


Available in Dual SIM✔️
Dual SIM and independent memory card reader✔️
SIM typeNano SIM
Bluetooth version4
USB-C port
3.5mm audio output✔️

Camera and video camera

Resolution of the main rear camera13 MPx
Resolution of the main front camera5 MPx
Number of rear cameras1
Number of front cameras1
Optical image stabilizer
Slow motion mode
Video resolutionFull HD

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