Huawei Eid Super Live Sale & WIN free prizes & Up to 500 AED off Instant Coupons

Terms & Conditions for EID SUPER LIVE SALE Event


Terms & Conditions for EID SUPER LIVE SALE Event

  1. Event Organizer:This event is initiated by Huawei Device (Hong Kong) Co, Ltd.For any questions or concerns related to this promotion event, you can call the organization’s customer service number: 80066600, or send us an email: purpose of this promotional event is to increase the visibility of the organizer’s products and improve their sales.
  2. Activity period:This event is valid from 18th May, 2020.Huawei reserves the right to change a part or whole of the Campaign at any time without notice to Customer.
  3. Promotion event area:This promotion is only valid in the UAE and on the HUAWEI Online Official Store:“Huawei Official Online Store”).
  4. Event participants:This event is open to all users registered with HUAWEI Official Online Store as personal account holders only. Registrations, promotions and sales are subject to the acceptance of the Registration Terms and Privacy Policy.To participate in this Event as a registered user, participants should provide the following information: name, mobile number and email address.
  5. This event consists of one (1) type of offer (offer validity subject to availability of stocks):
    1. Instant vouchers of up to AED 500:
      • This offer cannot be transferred or exchanged for cash.
      • The coupons cannot be used to purchase the products available during flash sale activity.
      • Offer cannot be clubbed with any other promotion running on the event page
      • Offer / Discount Code Validity: 18th May, 2020 9PM – 19th May, 2020 12AM
      • Offer / Discount Code applicability: Applicable on all products displayed on the “HUAWEI EID Super Live Sale” event page
      • ADEL50 :Users need to use the discount code “ADEL50” on order checkout page to get AED50 OFF on orders with minimum order value of AED 1000
      • ADEL200 :Users need to use the discount code “ADEL200” on order checkout page to get AED200 OFF on orders with minimum order value of AED 3000
      • ADEL500 :Users need to use the discount code “ADEL500” on order checkout page to get AED500 OFF on orders with minimum order value of AED 6000
  6. Other considerations: .
  7. Participants should abide by the terms and conditions of this Website and participation in the event means acceptance of all terms and conditions by Participant. Seller reserves the right to review and cancel orders under this sale in case of any suspicious or fraudulent activity.
  8. Event Organizer will promote the event through the web and any other means it deems appropriate.
  9. Organizers, co-organizers, agents, promotion partners, advertising companies, distributors and other organizations that promote this event cannot participate in this event.
  10. None of these gifts are transferable or can be exchanged for money
  11. If you apply for an order return, you will need to return all the gifts you have been given.
  12. Customer has right to claim 1 gift only as shown in the offer, system may show extra gifts by mistake, customer has no right to claim the extra unite.
  13. Your personal information may be collected during the activity. Huawei will not sell, share or disclose personal information of customers with third parties, other than third parties engaged by Huawei to fulfill the above purposes or we are required to disclose your personal information to comply with law. Huawei will provide any data it collects from you with utmost confidentiality.

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